UfYH Kitchen!

So… part of the reason I got this tumblr was so I could post to Unfuck Your Habitat.  I’ve been in need of sparkly text and gif affirmation; I guess having a clean place to live isn’t enough motivation.

But!  I have unfucked the kitchen counters!  And they have stayed this way for Five! Whole! Days!  Because it’s actually easy to keep something clean when it is already clean!  Even my husband is now more likely to put a dish in the dishwasher (as am I) because now when you set the dirty dish on the counter it sits there, glaringly obvious, instead of hiding behind its friends.

And, now, before and after pictures (because we all know that’s one of the best parts of UfYH, right?).  I’m sort of embarrassed by the “befores”; I hadn’t realized just how thoroughly disgusting our kitchen had been until I got around to processing these images today.  UGH.


(Ew.  So. Gross.)


I actually went out and bought Bar Keeper’s Friend just for this sink.  I don’t think it was much better than soap and hot water for the actual sink, but on chrome?  Freakin’ brilliant.


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